Thursday, 4 September 2014

It's time for a mini Jolly


The Hubby, the toddlers and I are off to Camber Sands for a looooong weekend break, just the 4 of us. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice, and the kids don't go crazy! Here's a sneak at what i'm colouring at the moment for Miles Kelly.

:) C

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hi Guys!

Just seen the date of my last blog post -eek! Sorry.
I have been bringing up 2 babies, and trying to fit in as much work as possible in between.
Time just flies by in a blink, so i apologise for my lack of social interaction!

Hope you enjoy this little sample I did for a job that sadly isn't going ahead for me now. But hey, I get to post it here!!

Happy Tuesday xx

Friday, 25 October 2013

Read It Daddy!: The ReadItDaddy Interview: We talk to Charlotte Co...

I was very fortunate to be asked by Read It Daddy, to do a little interview about the new book!
If you follow the link you can find out what i like to draw the most, and who my favourite disney princess is ;)

Read It Daddy!: The ReadItDaddy Interview: We talk to Charlotte Co...: Charlotte and Coral hard at work producing wonderful books for children! We've had so much fun reading and re-reading Coral Rumble a...


The Paper Watch Project - NOW BIDDING!

So bidding on all 80 paper watches is now LIVE.
So you can click below to see/ bid on my buzzy bee watch, or follow the links back to see any of the other watches.

I don't mind if you bid on mine or not, I just want you to give as much of your hard earned cash to raise lots of money for Cancer Care.


Thank you,